Ninety-Five was founded in 2007 by Marc Blekkink with the purpose to develop a modern web based software platform that would allow manufacturing companies to streamline their business processes with their shop floor processes. 

Although this problem is not new, the approach that Ninety-Five took is innovative and based on model based architectures and normalization and contextualizing of both business and production data.

The base model this platform is based on is ISA-95 (IEC62264). This standard was developed by the International Society of Automation (ISA). This is also the basis for the name of the company. 

Although ISA-95 is an interface standard, the models described by ISA-95 can be used to model process and business data. This is exactly what our platform provides in the core. This web based platform is known as Easy95.

In February 2014 the technology of Easy95 was acquired by Naxxos, the holding company of both Produmex and Inxites.

The technology was integrated into the SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) product and certified as a SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) under the name Veri95. This product is today part of the Verifier Suite.

In November 2014 Naxxos was acquired by Movilitas. 

Through Moviltas, Ninety-Five is still involved in the further development and commercialization of Veri95.

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